HOW TO SURVIVE the First 3 Months with BABY || What Every NEW MOM Should Know

Below are my NEW MOTHER IDEAS to making it through those remarkable (nonetheless sometimes nerve-wrecking!) Couple of months with a newborn! Subscribe:
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1. Are you wed?
Yes! My partner Chris along with I acquired wedded in 2012. Listed below'' s our wedding celebration occasion video clip:.

2. The amount of children do you have?
2!:) My child (Julia) transformed 3 in September, and also my child Luke transforms 1 in January!

3. Why put on'' t you expose your relative in your video?
Chris as well as I figured out to allow THEM decide whether they want to continue to be in video when they'' re older. We in fact value all your assistance along with love for our selection! We did present every person to Julia when she was 2 months old () as well as Luke here:.

Couple of months with a newborn! Most current video clip clips below:.

I release brand-new video clips on my RachhLoves appeal network for 1.1 million impressive customers every Tuesday as well as likewise Thursday! My partner Chris as well as I got wedded in 2012.:) My little girl (Julia) transformed 3 in September, as well as my child Luke transforms 1 in January!

HOW TO SURVIVE the First 3 Months with BABY || What Every NEW MOM Should Know

Here are my NEW MOM TIPS to surviving those incredible (but sometimes nerve-wrecking!) first few months with a newborn! Subscribe:
Latest Video: The Top 5 APPS I Use EVERY DAY!! || Organizing, Sleeping, Editing & More!

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Wedding Video:
Introducing my daughter Julia to YouTube:
Introducing my son Luke to YouTube:
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1. Are you married?
Yes! My husband Chris and I got married in 2012. Here's our wedding video:

2. How many kids do you have?
Two! πŸ™‚ My daughter (Julia) turned 3 in September, and my son Luke turns 1 in January! Here are my pregnancy vlogs if you're interested! πŸ™‚

3. Why don't you show your family in your videos?
Chris and I decided to let THEM make the decision whether or not they want to be in videos when they're older. We really appreciate all your support and love for our decision! We did introduce everyone to Julia when she was 2 months old ( and Luke here:

54 replies on β€œHOW TO SURVIVE the First 3 Months with BABY || What Every NEW MOM Should Knowβ€œ

  • celongley

    Could you do a video on tips on caring for two kids? Specifically a toddler and a newborn? I have a 2.5 year old and baby due within the month. And I’m scared about two kids, home alone during the day.

    • J&J Tomlin

      So glad this has already been mentioned! We are trying to have our second and I vacillate between “I got this!” to “How am I going to handle it!?” Would love your tips and tricks Rachhel!

    • Liz Torres

      celongley My babies are 20 months apart and it was hard in the beginning taking care of them both, but it gets easier once they get into a schedule. My daughter is now 2 and a half and my son is 11 months. He takes a morning nap for about two hours, then they play and take an afternoon nap at the same time and i get time to myself. It gets better!! Congrats everyone on their babies!

    • Arlinda Barry

      CongratulationsπŸ™Œ lol I’m older than dirt and have been through this myself and the best thing for me was to get a”practice”baby for your toddler to help teach her to help you care for their wee new brother or sister! Also give your toddler a role in caring for their sibling like it can be their job to set up the changing area and they can be your helper in handing you the diaper, cream, baby wipes etc! I even made my oldest her own little helper bag out of a plain book bag she got to decorate herself! It was set up at first for her first trip to the hospital to see her new wee baby sister and it had ALLL of the the things we needed to make kbug adorable for her first trip home(plus a wee extra surprise gift for herπŸ˜‰) and so it kept her involved plus it let her know she’d always be a very important role in our lives because they can feel lost when the new baby comes home, and I know as a Mama that’s the very last thing you want them to feel!!! But one extremely strong point I want to make is have very clear boundaries set on what they can and can’t do!!! My oldest trying to help wanted to give her new wee sister a pillow and covered her face not understanding the consequences!!! She also tried to help by giving her sister medicine because she was crying! In Jesse’s wee toddler mind ibuprofen makes pain go away and she thought with kbug crying that she was in pain,so in her”great wisdom”decided to give her medicine to make her”better”!!!
      Everything was fine BUUUUT it could’ve been worse had I not caught her!!! Lol I’m not trying to scare the HELLL out of YOU but I just wanted to share that last part because its NOT something most parents think of even though it happens….a LOT to new parents with a toddler and a wee new baby so I wanted to give you a small warning! But I know this comment is loooong AF lol and I’m sorry about that but as a mother to three I can honestly tell you being a mother is a wonderful crAzy ride that we are truly blessed to be on!!! Good luck sweetie and embrace the crAzy insane gloriously sweet ride yall are about to be on because it seriously is a short one that yall WILL look back on and SMILE!!!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜†πŸ’œπŸ™Œ

    • acacm12

      celongley Yay !!! Your going to do great ! As a mommy of 4 I can assure you .. it will be ok lol . I always worried about how I was going to get it done . Honestly you just do it . The baby gets here and it all sort of falls into place . My first three were very close in age . I planned out everything but honestly most of that went out the window when the babies were born and I just learned to take a deep breath and roll with things lol As scary as it seems it becomes a new routine very quickly . Just relax and enjoy . We Moms are superheroes …. you got this !!! My kids are now 15 ,13, 12 and 6 .

  • Tara Taillon

    I’m not a mom. I’m not even old enough to be a mom. What is my fascination with learning things about being a mom and pregnancy and delivery? Why? I don’t get it!

    • Persian Princess

      Tara Taillon its normal for women and girls to want to learn how to be a mommy.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Just try to wait until you are ready emotionally AND FINANCIALLY because babies are expensive and those expenses last 18 whole years. there is nothing “wrong” with having kids young but USUALLY its best to wait until you can afford anything you and baby need πŸ˜πŸ‘Ό

    • Lysana7

      so cool to see one of my favorite youtubers comment on a video of another one of my favorite youtubers πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best πŸ™‚

    • Ginger Baby

      GET A DETACHABLE SHOWER HEAD! Lmao. Makes pooping and peeing so much easier. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just go and hop in the shower and hose yourself off 😳

  • Stephanie Stark

    Your videos make me feel so much better… I am currently 6 months pregnant with my first and have been binge watching your videos!

    • Yulianacxo

      Stephanie Stark girl me too πŸ˜‚ I’m due in 15 weeks and I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but watching her videos on mom life

    • Stephanie Stark

      Yuliana C it’s such a weird feeling, becoming a mother, because I never thought about things like first outings, and what do I do when I’m that woman with the screaming baby in public…. you just have to ride it out and learn! It’s awesome that we have this way of communicating with other moms with knowledge and experience so we aren’t so lost!! Lol

    • Yulianacxo

      Right!! It’s so nice to have YouTube and people like Rachel to do videos like this I literally never thought about I’ll be the one in the store one day with a crying baby.

  • Brianna Molina

    I’m due in two weeks but can happen anyday 😯 I’m so nervous I’m binge watching everything baby related ! this helped thank you !! ☺

  • Kayla Strelsky

    Can you do a video with your tips on breastfeeding or your story with it? I’m nervous about it. I would really love to be able to breast feed and none of the women in my life were able to breast feed for many different reasons so they don’t have much advice to give.

    • whitepinehokie84

      You also might want to check out your hospital for help if you need it. My hospital offered free lactation support groups with a lactation consultant. It didn’t help my baby’s particular issue (couldn’t latch), but the help was very useful and it was nice knowing it was there. Also, if you can’t breastfeed, don’t beat yourself up about it. I wanted to breastfeed so badly, tried super hard, and even exclusively pumped for 3 months, but my baby would NOT close his mouth and went on formula almost immediately. I beat myself up a lot over this and had so much guilt/stress about this one issue, which really wasn’t needed. I tried my best and he is a happy, healthy baby even on formula. Best of luck to you and your little one!

    • Trishia Watson

      #1 thing? Fed is best. Do not feel any guilt if you need to supplement. Ok.. now past that it truly does make a difference being relaxed. If I feel stressed at all, things are just especially uncomfortable and it isn’t a particularly pleasant experience for either of us..Get help in the hospital! L & D nurses are often trained in helping new moms with early breastfeeding/latching. Invest in a boppy pillow! I had several with my first 3 babies and didn’t really use them for nursing but with my last pregnancy (4), I had an emergency c-section and having a boppy has been a life saver! It acted sort of like a barrier between myself and baby and made me feel more comfortable having him on my lap/chest. Even if you don’t use it for nursing its great for tummy time too! Don’t stress girl, you got this πŸ™‚

    • Amanda Lang

      Kayla Strelsky good luck with nursing, I did it for 20months with my little girl. I have two tips for successful breastfeeding. Know that by choosing to try doesn’t mean it set in stone so don’t put a ton of pressure on your self, set small goal, like really small, start with day one, then 3 days, then a week, then two weeks. Each tiny mile stone sounds small but it feels like a marathon win when your cross them off. Second It’s ok to give someone else a bottle and let them feed your child (the dad, your mum, his mum, your best mate) let them take some of the pressure off because your body has been through a lot and has to recover and produce this awesome fuel for your tiny baby.

      This might sound a bit obvious but your mind can play bad mummy tricks on you after having a child. I used to feel guilty if I had to hang out the washing or take a shower. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous things your mind will think of while your in the shower- ‘What if I fall and pass out and someone breaks in and the dog attacks the intruder and in the struggle the Moses basket gets knocked over and The baby gets hurt. I wake up take her to hospital and they think I hurt my baby and they take her away from me’
      It’s so crazy lol! Xx

    • Rose Mullen

      Kayla Strelsky find out if there is a la leche league group in your area or check their website for tips, they’re mum and baby focused and positive. And importantly remember it’s not a personal failing if you can’t breastfeed, whatever form of being a mum you find will be the right way.

  • Beth Lucatorta

    Love this video. I’m a first time Mom after a year of fertility treatments. I’m 13weeks today. I will use all of your advice!! You’re Awesome!!!

  • Melissa Lietz

    Can you make a video about your transition between one and two kids? I’m imminently due with a baby and have a two year old. I’m really nervous about how crazy things will get!

    • Newman Family Vlogs

      Congratulations! That’s a great age difference between the kids. My first and second were that far apart and it was awesome! One thing that helped our first was taking turns. So I’d tell her I have to feed the baby and I’d be able to do whatever she needed in a minute, and once the baby was fed and happy I’d tell the newborn the same thing (for the sake of the 2 year old) and it made her feel more equal with the baby if that makes any sense. She had to wait, and then the baby had to wait. It took a lot of the jealousy away.

  • Caroline Weiser

    I’d be interested to hear about different techniques to get a newborn (or older) to sleep. Kind of like… what positions are best, anything to avoid before bed, what are musts before bed… that sort of thing.

    • Gabriela Flores

      Caroline Weiser Well… Here’s what my mom did to me. She “trained” me. She gave me food at specific hours EVERYDAY and at 10PM she changed my diaper, put on my pjs and not gave me food in the night so I knew that my food was until 6AM. She did this since day 1 and a month later I slept all night. (Sorry, english isn’t my first language) Hope this helps and good luck! β™₯

    • Oh Kittens

      Some babies literally wake up every 2 hours for food and the doctor and pediatrician have told me to make sure they eat on demand, I don’t think you can “train” a baby that’s just a terrible thing.

  • Melissa Biemans

    Trying to get pregnant (have been for 1 full year)… so disappointed that I haven’t been able to experience any of this yet… but I am looking forward to it.. even though it will be hard, it will be so worth it.

    • ColorbyK

      Melissa Biemans just keep your faith strong even when you feel like giving up. We are finally pregnant (18weeks) after 3 1/2 years of infertility. It will happen you have to believe it will.
      Baby dust for you and your husband.

    • Karina87

      girl you are not alone! same here i feel like my clock is ticking and sometimes i break down and cry. dont get discouraged GOD has a plan for everyone.

    • Melissa Biemans

      Baby Dust for a stickybaby Colorbyk, 18 weeks is a good minestone though. Baby Dust to you Karina87. It sucks.. I cry all the time too… trying to be strong.

    • Stephanie Ironmonger

      I know everyone is different but I thought I would share in case it helps. I took prenatals for a year while ttc. I did research on things i could do naturally to help my chances. For about 3 months I took the supplement gelatinized maca root which helps to regulate hormones and thyroid function. I took the supplement dim which is naturally occurring in dark leafy greens and helps to regulate hormones. I ttc for a full year tracking ovulation with apps and test strips to no avail. I was in the dim supplement for 1 month and I got a positive pregnancy test. I was able to find these things at local natural food stores and Amazon. Good luck!

  • Amy Murphy

    “Or maybe just sauntering your way around Target aisles, not even buying anything.”

  • Taylor Heffner-Jones

    I am so glad I discovered your channel! We are planning on trying fairly soon and already, your vids have helped calm my nerves. Thank you!!

  • Nika Rogar

    RachhLovesLife Me And My Boyfriend Are 6 Months Pregnant With Our First Baby We Are Having A Daughter We Will Name Her Sofia Chanel πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ€°πŸ½πŸŽ€πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’•β€οΈ

  • Shannon Love

    Girl, thank you for this. I am a first time mom with a 3 week old baby and I have watched and rewatched this. Your message is so soothing and relatable. Really appreciate this video!


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