❤️ PREGNANCY HACKS by Mum of 7 & Week 33 Update ❤️

I assumed it had to do with time I shared some of the points I have in fact found out throughout my numerous maternals. If you desire to recognize the ideal means to prepare for a pain-free, natural, medication free birth after that this is the video clip for you.

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❤️ PREGNANCY HACKS by Mum of 7 & Week 33 Update ❤️

I thought it was about time I shared some of the things I've learned throughout my many pregnancies. My last labour was 99% pain-free so I'm letting you in on some of the reasons this was possible. If you want to know the best ways to prepare for a painless, natural, drug free birth then this is the video for you. Please check out my latest blog post for more information. https://heartfulliving.org/home/2017/3/29/third-trimester-hacks-by-mum-of-7-soon-to-be-8

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5 replies on “❤️ PREGNANCY HACKS by Mum of 7 & Week 33 Update ❤️

  • Neelo & Blue

    Glad to hear you’re feeling more positive and ‘you’!

    My shopping list now:
    -red raspberry leaf tea!
    -coconut oil! I’ve used this in the past for my face…I had a pot go mouldy in the summer though and freaked out! Do you use it on baby too?
    -Epsom salts

    Looking forward to seeing what you pack in your hospital bag.

    I assume you use the pillow for breastfeeding too? Is it a boppy pillow? 🤔
    I can’t believe how quickly everything is going…feels like time is whizzing by!

    • Life of Mummy

      Time certainly is whizzing by  😲

      Let me know how you get on with the red raspberry leaf tea, does it cause you some Braxton Hicks?

      Yes I definitely use the Bobby pillow for breastfeeding, it’s so good! xx


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